Limited copies of these publications are available for purchase. Please contact: or use links below. 

Per-Anders Pettersson Photojournalist: Published in Sweden in 1996. 52 pages. 35 images.  

SYDAFRIKA: South Africa: Published in Sweden in 2010 by BILDA Forlag. Can be purchased using this link. 

EKHAYA: a 58 page catalog with 35 South Africa images published in Sweden in 2011. Can be purchased here: 

RAINBOW TRANSIT: My longtime work on South Africa published as a hardcover book by Dewi Lewis Publishing. 160 Pages, 79 Images! ISBN: 9781907893377 

AFRICAN CATWALK: Published by Kehrer Verlag, Germany May-2016. The book explores the emerging African Fashion industry. Photographed in 16 countries and shot at more than 40 fashion weeks in Africa. from 2010-2015. ISBN-10: 3868286608 ISBN-13: 978-3868286601